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    凝心聚力 共创卓越
    凝心聚力 共创卓越
    以心迎新 携手同行
    情暖三月 爱在恒迅
    The Spring Festival long blue bay 】 【 one thousand people Owner higher-ups talent show perfect curtain call, on January 25, 2017, the gulf gala celebration is about to open, let us laugh and play happy year!
    On January 12, 2018, with Jin Bangheng fast large group of executives on the red carpet, the golden beach hotel banquet hall travel dream weavers sailing "peer" 2018 Jin Bangheng newsletter big group meeting has officially kicked off. This annual meeting activities can be divided into three link, the first part is the constant communications group each department annual excellent commendation congress year-end reporting on activities report, the second part, the floor show employees, t
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