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    Hainan Heng Xun Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.
    Address: Haikou City Haidian five road No. 15 (camphor holiday)
    Phone: 0898-66167018
    Long Island Island
    Address: Hainan province lingaojiao Coastal Tourism Resort
    Phone: 0898-28378888

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    Heng sun (China) Investment Co., Ltd. is a large and comprehensive investment group with investment, real estate, finance and new industry. The group in the real estate industry as a basic industry, relying on Hainan Hengxun real estate group as the parent group in the real estate investment platform, has developed a unique regional characteristics, high-quality real estate projects, amounting to a total area of 1 million square meters, the main form of value chain in real estate development, founder of extension and create a complete value chain of professional a comprehensive high-end real estate brand to the real estate industry on the downstream and noble property product provider. The group has developed the project mainly: camphor holiday, Jin Sha Yuan (1, two), Chen NGA, Jinhai, sun east coast, Gold Coast; group in the construction of the project mainly: Yehai Lake Binhai noble community, the construction area of 200 thousand square meters, the project is set in the lake, Hite color, Qingli create a set of residential, leisure and entertainment, holiday resort, theme commercial Comprehensive high-end theme of community integration; Long Island island landscape culture theme resort, the project covers an area of 1100 acres, themed resorts theme parks, three five star (Pacific sea Sporting Hotel, The Springs Hotel, Hotel Fantasia's volcano channel), international country music street, international brands, Binhai commercial theme garden features noble holiday homes, the internationalization of integrated coastal culture Production project. The group has a rich land reserve in the two or three line cities of Hainan and Chengdu, and the area can be developed to 5 million square meters. As a new industry of industrial layout and investment direction of group, for the optimization of group investment and industrial structure, improve the group's ability to resist risks, share the emerging industry strategic investment opportunities, play an important strategic role in the realization of the group in the capital market the big leap. As a strategic industry direction of the group in the future, the financial industry has begun a bold attempt in the modern financial innovation such as innovation finance, private equity fund, small loan guarantee, village bank and so on, and strive to build a new modern enterprise carrier with finance and industry.

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